Sleep is obviously valued by all of us. We need to be able to function at a high-level in our lives to excel at our jobs, parent our children, be a good spouse, so on. For athletes however, it has a different kind of value, a value that can be the difference between winning and losing.

As sleep has become a more and more popular topic, athletes are being taught to work on their sleep just like they do on their workouts & training. In this article, we’re going to cover just a few benefits that athletes often experience after having an amazing sleep on a Pure Energy bed.

Hand-Eye Coordination is Refined & Speed is Increased

Hand-eye coordination and speed is everything in sports. To see an improvement in either one of these categories is astounding, let alone both!

Study after study has shown the benefits a great sleep can have on the attention and focus of an athlete when dropped into an intense game like situation. On the flip side, sleep deprivation is often shown to have a significant negative impact exercises that demand either speed or focus. All of these studies showed that sleep deprivation has a negative impact on performance, whereas a great sleep has a hugely positive impact.

Number & Severity of Injuries

Whether it’s illness or injury, athletes have to constantly guard themselves against any potential ailments that could negatively impact their overall performance. After hundreds of years of research, sleep seems to be one of the answers!

Reduced sleep is linked to increased injury rates because when a player is fatigued after poor sleep, they’re slower to react, thus leaving themselves open to potentially more danger in a heated environment such as a sports competition. racing for an impact. On top of the injury risked, a fatigue or tired athlete is more likely to contract a virus or sickness, therefore leaving he or she unable to perform. It’s that simple!

Reaction Time When Pressed

Even a small amount of fatigue has been shown to slow our reaction times down significantly. Unlike in the “good ole days” of hockey when the players would brag about staying up all-night and still performing, it’s now been proven that this simply is a practical way of living for athletes to live their lives.

This isn’t just an issue for athletes however, anyone who drives a car needs to have a certain level of reaction time to stay safe and be able to perform when needed it.

The Quality of Decision-Making

Sports, as in life, demands split-second decision-making. Whether hitting a ball, kicking a torso, or tackling the opposition decisions are constantly being made. Because of this, your decision-making as an athlete needs to be absolutely on-point. Fatigue simply doesn’t allow for that to be the case.


Whether you’re considering the quality or the duration of an athlete’s career, sleep is a huge determining factor in all of it. Just like nutrition, training, instincts, and desire, sleep also plays a small role in shaping the way an athlete can perform. To assure that you’re doing your best in the sports you play, try to take some time to consider how you can improve your sleeping habits. Who knows, you might be rewarded in a major way!

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Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses are manufactured in Canada by Restwell Sleep Products. Founded in 1990, Restwell Sleep Products is a manufacturer of mattresses and box springs with two factories in Canada. The Restwell brand is known for quality, value, and comfort, and we take pride in the fact that our mattresses are Canadian made, with high quality standards and attention to detail.



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