Benefits of Staying In-Bed This Weekend

Not unlike how the majority of religions call for a day of rest every week, you can improve your life with a few extra hours of rest per week. With the advent of social media and new technology, many people are confusing playing on their phones with relaxation and rest, but that’s putting their bodies through pain and suffering.

Science supports the claim about the power of a day of rest every week. See the benefits of taking some time to yourself in-bed every week:

Relaxing In-Bed Reduces Stress

Did you know that health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress? Stress is a major player in shortening people’s lives these days.

Luckily, there’s an easy cure, and it lies in your bedroom. It’s your bed! Relaxing in bed for hours on the weekend is amazing for your body.

Relaxing on a Regular Basis Reduces Inflammation & Heart Disease Risk

Most occupations these days are sedentary, that’s why it’s important to exercise regularly and sleep as well as possible. By resting well, you can recharge your body and be ready to exercise and enjoy a whole new day.

Getting Away from Work Boosts your Immune System

Chronic stress also depresses your immune system. Conversely, adequate sleep and exercise are two of four essentials of boosting your immune system. Take advantage of your weekends for extended R&R.

Regular Time Away from Work Resting Helps Your Body

You probably know that just from your own experience. Science supports your intuition! Studies show “that people who do not know how to detach from work during their off-time experience increased exhaustion over the course of one year and are less resilient in the face of stressful work conditions.”

Resting Boosts your Creativity

Are you the creative type? You need to rest! Thinking is one of the crucial benefits of stepping back. Just as quality time off fuels energetic resources on the job, reflective time is critical to producing solutions and creative breakthroughs.

The most productive countries in the world are France & Germany, and both countries mandate 30 vacation days per year. It’s because of these R&R days that so many creative people in those countries succeed.

It Improves your Short-Term Memory

Do you laugh knowingly at all those jokes about seniors forgetting what they were going to do or where they put their keys? Did you think it was just a sign of aging? Could be that you’re just not managing your time out during the week properly. Separate from work, enjoy life, and sleep more and as many studies show, you will probably remember where those keys are.

Time Away from Work Helps You Enjoy It

It’s an old cliché, but time away does truly help the heart grow fonder. Studies have shown that time away from work actually makes many people enjoy their work and co-workers more intently.


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