Did you know that negative thoughts can zap your sleep? If you’re dealing with insomnia or another sleep ailment, it may be because your mind isn’t inspiring great sleep. These bad thoughts can compound themselves within after a few bad nights of sleep.

To start sleeping better, try utilizing positive thoughts. It could change your life! To begin, try coming up with positive sleep thoughts such as:

  • Good things that are happening in your life
  • Positive elements of a great sleep
  • How relaxed and calm you are in bed

And, if you ever notice that your mind is slipping into negative thoughts, try your best to identify it and replace it with more positive thought. For instance, if you think ‘I will not be able to sleep tonight,’ ask yourself why that is a fact. Once you determine that the thought is not a fact but a fear, replace it with positive thoughts, such as, ‘I can relax and sleep in my bed. Falling asleep is easy.’


How-to Manage your Thought

Try voicing your positivity. This way, your thought will become internalized much better and easier, plus it’ll force you to think harder about these thoughts. For instance, think about how peaceful and relaxing your bed is and why sleep really is a pleasant thing. Come up with more positive sleep thoughts as time goes along but, just as you should not sit and ponder on negative sleep thoughts, do not continually think about positive sleep thoughts.

Spending too much time thinking about sleep, whether it is positive or negative, will result in the subconscious thinking that sleep is a problem. So only use the technique when you catch yourself having negative sleep thoughts.


Reprogramming the Mind

Maintaining perspective is important when looking to reprogramming your own mind. To begin the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind, spend lots of time focusing on the positive elements in your life. However, as time goes along and you start the reprogramming, these internal dialogue sessions should reduce. There may be instances when you have a setback. If so, keep in mind that relapses are to be expected and normal.

Although the mind is a powerful and mysterious thing, understanding what makes your mind tick is something that you can do. Once you begin to take control of your mind and see thoughts for what they are – just thoughts – you will see that you actually hold the key to your own thinking and belief system. Like a muscle, once you use the technique and grow it, you will feel more powerful and in control of your life and of your sleep.


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