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The Essential

Our entry-level mattress, the Living Bed™ Classic is ideal for anyone seeking a luxury mattress on a limited budget or upgrading from a bed-in-a-box. Great choice to support the development of teens and children.

Fall asleep faster. Increased local circulation. Regulate body temperature. Enhance brain and body vitality.

Living Bed™ Classic was previously known as Ignite.

  • One-Sided Plush Tight Top Mattress CELLIANT® Fabric
  • Foam + Wool Quilt Layers
  • Talalay Latex
  • ECOTEX™ Foam
  • Insulator Layer
  • 1200 3-zone Foam Encased Pocket Coil
  • Base Layer

Firm: Living Bed™ Classic 1.0

Medium:  Living Bed™ Classic 2.0

Plush: Living Bed™ Classic 3.0

Twin | Double | Queen |  King


Special Sizes:
Twin XL, 4 Foot,  4 Foot Long, Double XL, California King, Hong Kong King, RVQ

Single/Twin: 38" W x 74" L

Single Long /Twin XL:  38" W x 79" L

Double : 53" W x 74" L

RV Queen: 60" W x 74" L

Queen: 60" W x 79" L

King: 76" W x 79" L


Height Profile: 12½"

  • 1020 5-zone Foam Encased Pocket Coil
  • Talalay Latex
  • ECOTEX® Foams

  • Dynamic Rest™ Technology
  • CELLIANT® Fabric
  • ECOTEX™ Soy Foams

CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

The Living Bed™ Classic is backed by a 15 (15-10) year warranty. 10 years full warranty, and 5 years pro-rated. Visible impressions over 1¼ ″ are also covered under this warranty. For more details on the Pure Energy Sleep System warranty click here.


How Living Bed Classic Improves Your Life

Improves circulation





ideal sleep temperature




Unique To Living Bed™ Classic

1020 5-Zone Foam Encased Pocket Coil

The pocket coils used in Living Bed™ Classic mattresses are made with locally sourced Canadian steel to ensure high quality and durability. The ultimate in individualized contoured support, with reduced motion transfer and excellent pressure point relief for an undisturbed rest. Zoned coils provide extra support, and a foam encased edge allows you to sleep to the edge of your mattress.

Ecotex Soy foams™

Living Bed™ Classic mattresses are made with eco-friendly and health-conscious soybean-based foams, to provide you with a healthy sleep environment. These foams have natural plant-based oils to reduce the amount of man-made chemical content. All our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified and tested by an independent laboratory to meet specific criteria for physical performance, indoor emissions and environmental stewardship. This ensures that your mattress is made of durable, quality foams that are better for the environment and better for you!

The Components Behind The Magic

The Living Bed™ Classic Layers

CELLIANT® is a different kind of performance technology, loaded with a potent mix of minerals, which works with your body to capture and return otherwise lost energy. It is clinically proven to promote restful sleep improving overall wellness. CELLIANT® works with every fiber of your being to stimulate quicker recovery from the day’s busyness. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy.

Wool fibre naturally absorbs and releases moisture, helping to maintain an even body temperature. Wool is hypoallergenic, making it resistant to dust mites, moulds, and fungi. Added foam provides breathability and support between different layers.

Natural Talalay Latex, with its buoyant and resilient qualities, provides comfort and pressure-relieving support without that “sink-in” feeling.

ECOTEX™ Soy Foams provide comfort and support and are CertiPUR-US® certified for quality.

A fiber pad insulator system reduces noise and provides protection between coils and upholstery layers.

• Firmer Coils provide superior support at the head, foot and under your hips.

• Softer Coils provide pressure relief and spinal alignment at the shoulders and knees.

• Foam Encasement System provides edge-to-edge support and 20% more sleeping surface without roll-off.

Foam and Fabric layer that protects and encases mattress layers together.

Celliant® Fabric

Firm Foam + Wool Quilt Layer

Talalay Latex

ECOTEX™ Soy Foams

ECOTEX™ Soy Foams

Insulator Layer

1020 5-Zone Foam Encased Pocket Coil

Base Layer

It's all in the details

The Pure Energy Experience

At Pure Energy, we strive to make your shopping experience pleasant and easy. Our Pure Energy connoisseurs are there to help you find the best Living Bed™ model so that you can have a great night’s sleep every day. All Living Beds™ come with a mattress care manual to help you get the most of out these amazing products.

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