Did you know that the Pure Energy Ignite mattress model has pocket coils? It’s true, and it’s fantastic!

Unlike the Radiance and Natural Pure Energy mattress models, the Ignite model has a pocket coil layer. These coils provide individualized contoured support, excellent pressure point relief, and no motion disturbance from your partner for a great night’s rest! You’d think that because this layer does so much that it would get a lot of credit, but it doesn’t.

This blog post is an attempt to give pocket coils the attention they deserve, as well as uncover the facts and bury the misconceptions about them.


The History of the Pocket Coil

A pocket coil is known by many names: pocket spring, wrapped coils, encased springs, or Marshall coils.

They were first introduced to the world in 1899, by an English engineer by the name of James Marshall. He received a Canadian patent for his invention in 1900. Later, he started his own business, called the Marshall Mattress company, which used pocket springs.


What are Pocket Coils?

Pocket coils are springs wrapped individually in a fabric sleeve. This allows them to react to pressure independently instead of all together, which minimizes movement and allows for a more buoyant feel.


What Differentiates Pocket Coils?

A traditional innerspring mattress, or open coil, has a network of metal coils that are all connected. This means that when pressure is applied, the springs all react together. This transfers motion, so if your partner moves you feel it. Additionally, because the coils all move together, traditional innerspring mattresses provide less comfort and don’t spring back as easily. They also don’t contour around your body as much as a pocket coil mattress.

Pocket coils, on the other hand, are not connected and act on their own. This means that if you apply pressure to a pocket sprung or coil sprung mattress, only the coils being pressed down will react, whereas on an innerspring mattress all of the surrounding coils will compress.

This approach allows the individual pocket coil mattress to contour to your body better and doesn’t transfer motion as much as a traditional innerspring mattress. This technology could save your relationship one day.


Foam Mattress vs Pocket Coil

The Pure Energy mattress lineup is comprised of mattresses with both pocket coil and foam cores. Although more pocket coil mattresses are more popular, recently the market has swelled with foam core offerings. Ultimately, the right mattress for you comes down to personal preference, as both offer great benefits and are super-comfortable.


Why Choose Pocket Coil Mattresses?

Pocket coil mattresses provide many of the same benefits as memory foam. They contour to the body, but without the stuck feeling, some people report with memory foam. They help avoid motion transfer more than innerspring mattresses, and instead of absorbing pressure, it reflects it, which offers solid support.

Plus, because of the air flow through pocket spring mattresses, which allows these beds to sleep cooler than memory foam, dust may sneak into the mattress, which can upset allergies.


Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses are manufactured in Canada by Restwell Sleep Products. Founded in 1990, Restwell Sleep Products is a manufacturer of mattresses and box springs with two factories in Canada. The Restwell brand is known for quality, value, and comfort, and we take pride in the fact that our mattresses are Canadian made, with high-quality standards and attention to detail.



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