The 7 or so hours you spend sleeping every night are the most important hours of your day. So why do so many people invest in such low-quality mattresses? It’s because the benefits of a good night’s sleep can be quite literally, slept on.

Rather than blaming their downtrodden mattress and making changes, people instead drink more coffee and find other ways to cope and manage with their lack of sleep.

A Pure Energy Natural Series mattress is PROVEN to help your body sleep faster and recover more swiftly. It is one of the most technologically advanced mattresses that we here at Restwell produce. With its combination of a natural Talalay Latex core, Latex comfort layers, and wool, these beds offer the ultimate in comfort, durability, and a naturally healthy sleep environment.



Natural Talalay Latex Core, CellActive™, Celliant®, and Cellitex™ sleep technologies in these mattresses improve your sleep and overall wellness as you rest.

Read below to discover exactly how each technology works to help you sleep and improve your overall health.


Natural Talalay Latex Core

A Talalay Latex Core provides support, comfort, and a night of restful sleep without motion disturbance from your partner. It’s versatile enough to provide you with responsive and contoured support simultaneously – relieving pressure points, and reducing tossing and turning. It also provides a natural sleep environment, free of allergens.


CellActive™ Technology

This technology patented worldwide and exclusive to Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses. It’s a responsive sleep technology designed to help you get the most out of your sleep! It naturally rejuvenates and restores your body and is clinically proven to:

  • Promote restful sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Improve overall wellness



This technology converts body heat into infrared light that penetrates into your muscles and tissues to:

  • Increase comfort and promote a restful sleep
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Enhance vitality and overall well-being


Cellitex™ Recovery Latex

Cellitex is a naturally healing form of latex that accelerates body healing, reduces soreness and muscle fatigue, and increases strength and stamina.



When on the sleep surface, cotton provides a more natural and healthy sleep and regulates your body temperature throughout the night.


Wool Fiber

Because this material naturally absorbs and releases moisture, helping to maintain even body temperature. Wool is hypoallergenic, making it resistant to dust mites, molds, and fungi.




The Natural Series comes in a variety of different models that suit the needs of many different people.

Natural 1.0: Firm – 10.5″ – Twin, Double, Queen, King, & Special Sizes*

Natural Firm: Ultra-Firm – 10.5″ – Twin, Double, Queen, King, & Special Sizes*

Natural 2.0: Plush – 10.5″ – Twin, Double, Queen, King, & Special Sizes*

*Special Sizes include Twin XL and Double XL



The Radiance Series is backed by a 25 (15-10) year warranty. 10 years full warranty, and 15 years pro-rated. Visible impressions over .75″ are also covered under this warranty. For more details on the Pure Energy Sleep System warranty click here.

Foundation Support

These mattresses are ONLY warranted when placed on a Premium Wood Foundation or PE Lifestyle Adjustable Base.


Pure Energy Sleep System™ mattresses are manufactured in Canada by Restwell Sleep Products. Founded in 1990, Restwell Sleep Products is a manufacturer of mattresses and box springs with two factories in Canada. The Restwell brand is known for quality, value, and comfort, and we take pride in the fact that our mattresses are Canadian made, with high quality standards and attention to detail.



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The Pure Energy Sleep System™ improves sleep quality and regenerates your body while you sleep.

LivingBed™ Mattresses are powered by Dynamic Rest™, which increases energy & stamina, controls body temperature, and enhances body vitality.

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