The firmness of a mattress isn’t only about comfort. Your mattress should also support your body by helping to maintain correct alignment of the spine and relieving pressure and discomfort on the joints.

It is often thought that a harder (or firm mattress) is better overall for your body; however, this isn’t true. Ultimately the type of bed and mattress your body needs often depends on an individual’s preferences and health conditions. The rumor of the firm mattress being better has been popularized recently because of how common back problems are in people. But sometimes firm mattresses aren’t even better for bad backs. No scientific evidence suggests sleeping on a firm mattress is better for you. In fact, usually, it’s the firmer ones that aren’t always better for your back or existing conditions.

Majority of people who believe in the concept of firm mattress being beneficial for sleep and spine health refer to the theory that orthopedicians recommend it. However, a little analysis reveals that it is more of folklore than a scientifically proven fact. On the web, you can find posts and blogs on the topic that support and contradict this theory, in equal measure.

Historically, a majority of mattresses were made with soft materials that would compress easily under pressure. This led to users sleeping in a hammock-like position, which in turn led to the development of pain in the back and shoulder, and eventually gave birth to the hard bed myth. Nowadays, most people confuse a firm mattress with a supportive one.

Here are some other myths about firm mattresses:


Firmer Mattresses are a Must-Have for People with Body Pain

Everybody and every body is different. There’s no universal rule that can be applied to everyone’s needs, so it’s simply not true to say that firm mattresses are always the right choice to battle back issues. People with chronic pain should be extra cautious when looking for a mattress because friends and even sales associates will refer them to a firm mattress right away. It’s important to instead look for a mattress with the right amount of support for their needs instead of automatically choosing a firm mattress.

Firmer Mattresses Will Relieve Pressure Points

It’s smart to consider this when looking for a firm mattress: if the surface is too hard, there will be no contouring of the body whichever of the different sleeping positions you choose. Without contouring, this will create pressure points thus aggravating joint pain, plus there will be limited spinal alignment which will cause lower back pain and other related issues.

A Thicker Mattress is Firmer

Thicker is not better.  A thinner 6 or 8-inch mattress made with heavier and more natural comfort ingredients is better than a thicker mattress that is made with more air and fluff. Fluff is what they use in pillow-tops. It gives you the false impression of comfort but it’s not real comfort.


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