Your bed is one of the most peaceful places to spend time at night, in the morning, or heck, anytime you feel you need to recharge. But, for many, it’s also a place where anxiety and stress feel amplified.

For whatever reason, the sensation of lying down and relaxing can accentuate the feeling of stress and anxiety that may be lurking right under the surface. This feeling in-turn, makes it almost impossible to fall asleep and wake up rested. In some of the worse cases, stress can actually lead to insomnia by causing hyper-arousal in your body and mind. To make things that much worse, getting too little sleep can make you feel even more stressed, leading to a vicious cycle of continuous tossing and turning and tension.

Lucky for you and everyone who suffers from this, there are ways to combat nighttime stress. See below for our best suggestions as to how you can deal with this issue.

Stay Active… in the Morning & Afternoon

Exercising in the morning & afternoon, whether you choose to walk, jog, cycle, swim or anything else that you fancy is a great way to release both physical and mental tension. Be aware that since exercise increases body temperature, it’s suggested that you work out at least three hours before heading to lie down in bed so that your body has enough time to lower its temperature.

Hit the Brakes Before Bed

Although life is busy and everyone loves to finish that one last chore before bed, it’s best if you don’t and let things wait until the next day. For at least 30 minutes before bedtime, avoid doing anything stimulating or stressful. That means: No texting, no catching up on work, and no watching tense TV shows. Instead, dim the lights and lower the volume; read an interesting book, take a warm bath, do some gentle stretching, or listen to music that helps calm you.

Create a Routine

A short routine that you stick to religiously is a fantastic way to set yourself up for a restful night of sleep. Adding activities such as deep breathing, guided imagery, or progressive muscle relaxation to this routine will have your body primed for bed, plus if you make a good routine, it’ll give you something to look forward to.

Dial your Brain Down

Preventing daytime worries from side swiping your sleep, try your hardest to switch your mind into “off” mode before you turn in for the night. You can do this by jotting down your concerns in the afternoon and putting them aside to address the next morning. Or, you can practice mindfulness meditation: Sit quietly with your eyes closed, clear your mind of thoughts, and focus on your breathing.

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