Warm bedroom, long night out with friends, late soccer game. All of these are common causes of a bad night’s rest. The question now is what to do after you’ve experienced a terrible sleep and are now awake wishing you could sleep for another 1, 2, or 6 hours. Since your life, nor anyone in it, will wait until you’re rested, you need all the energy you can muster to make it through the day. This article offers some great tips for getting through the day and getting back to bed in one piece.


Have a Coffee, but Maybe Keep it to One

Coffee, or caffeine itself, will give you a boost that you require after a rough night, however, too many will leave you feeling lethargic again. To avoid this, mix in as much water as you can into your routine.

Also, keep in-mind that life’s not a rush. When you’re tired you’re more prone to making mistakes, and don’t think that adding 4 or 5 coffees to your routine will fix that.


Chill, Chill, CHILL

Just like any other day, keeping focused is important, especially when you’re tired. A fantastic way to do this is through short breaks throughout your day. Get some sunlight, take a walk, whatever you feel, just make sure you’re letting your body and mind breathe. Don’t go crazy on your breaks though, exercising when tired sets your body up to get hurt.

ANDDD, it goes without saying that driving tired isn’t ideal. Try your best to not get behind the wheel if you’re excessively tired.


Avoid the Sweet Stuff

DON’T DO IT! Sugar isn’t a hangover cure, nor does it help you not be tired!

It’s more likely that a healthy, balanced diet with such things as lean protein and vegetables with help you awake. It’s simply, but important, there’s not short cuts to feeling better, you need to focus on living healthy and your body will reward you.


Just your Day Simple

Similar to taking breaks, when you’re tired, don’t take on too much. Things won’t work out for you if you chose to. Through doing fewer things, you limit the amount of errors you could potentially make, plus you’ll feel better because you won’t be combining stress with your tired state. Also, save your big decisions for another day, as you may not feel like you’re making a bad decision, but being tired prevents you from considering the whole picture.


Once you’re back at home, dive for your bed, but don’t stay too too long. It’s better to regain your wakefulness through short naps, as well as a consistent bed time for the next few days.

Any other tips? Contact me personally, and I will add them to this blog post!


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