Sleep technology, it’s a phrase you’ve probably seen a lot if you’re looking for a mattress right now. But, what does that phrase really mean? Does it suggest the mattress is high-quality? Is it suggesting the mattress has components similar to a computer?

Although we can’t explain to you what other mattress brands and companies mean when they use the phrase “sleep technology”, we can explain to you what we mean when we use the phrase “sleep technology” in our marketing & advertising.

Sleep Technology to Sleep Technologies

The Definition of Technology

  • A manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge of new technologies for information storage

The word technology is used ambiguously to describe products to entice customers to buy, and because of this incessant use, the word has lost a lot of meaning. However, through the use of exclusive, REAL technology, Pure Energy has been able to create a brand known for quality, performance, and durability.

Proven Beyond a Doubt

The natural components of latex combined with Celliant help improve your sleep quality. Below is the summarized data for six subjects that participated in Dr. Hung’s Celliant Sleep Study (2009).

Pressure relief and proper spinal alignment provided by Cellitex™ further reduce tossing, turning, as well as bringing the needed oxygen and nutrients to tired aching muscles. Zoned and contoured support also reduces motion transfer allowing you to sleep undisturbed throughout the night. Celliant increases transcutaneous oxygen, or tcpO2*, a local, non-invasive measurement reflecting the amount of oxygen that has emitted from the tissue. It provides instant, continuous information about the body’s ability to deliver oxygen.

This increase in tissue oxygenation is the foundation for the many health benefits associated with an increase in circulation and blood flow. Increased circulation, while you sleep, allows the body to recover faster and improve overall wellness.

Trusted to Improve Sleep

We are very happy with the quality of sleep we’ve enjoyed since purchasing our Ironman Bed. Back and hip pain are greatly reduced which is improving how we feel while going about our day.

– A customer from M&N Mattress Shop

It was an avid Ironman athlete and competitor that first conceptualized a mattress that would accelerate body recovery for athletes during the night. Working with experts in mattress manufacturing, a sleep system was designed to accelerate healing and restore your body as you rest.

Over the years, an interdisciplinary team of manufacturing gurus, sleep experts, and renowned scientists in the fields of Sleep Medicine, Photobiology, Nanotechnology, and Health Care, worked together to refine the Pure Energy Sleep System™. Incorporating only the best of technology and materials available today, the Pure Energy Sleep System™ provides a healthy and rejuvenating sleep that allows you to realize your body’s full potential.

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The Pure Energy Sleep System™ improves sleep quality and regenerates your body while you sleep.

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